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11/03/2019Corey Minter Stones and Buildings
Sunday Morning Mark 13:1-2
Stones and Buildings.pdf Download Stones and Buildings.pdf
Download Stones and Buildings USE.mp3
11/03/2019Corey Minter Persecuted Church
Sunday Evening Hebrews 13:3
This audio is from the 2019 Pray for the Persecuted Church service. Several videos are used throughout this recording that may make it difficult to follow along in audio format. To WATCH, follow this link:
Pray for the Persecuted Church.pdf Download Pray for the Persecuted Church.pdf
Download Persecuted Church.mp3
10/27/2019Corey Minter Sincerely
Sunday Morning Mark 12:38-44
Sincerely.pdf Download Sincerely.pdf
Download Sincerely.mp3
10/23/2019Dan Smith Lies Men Believe about Circumstances
Wednesday Night Selected Scriptures
circumstances.pdf Download circumstances.pdf
Download Lies Men Believe about Circumstances.mp3
10/20/2019Corey Minter JEHOVAH
Sunday Evening Exodus 3:1-15
Jehovah.pdf Download Jehovah.pdf
Download Jehovah.mp3
10/20/2019Corey Minter Misdirection
Sunday Morning Mark 12:13-37
Misdirection.pdf Download Misdirection.pdf
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